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Business Lawyers

Business Lawyers

Our Edmonton corporate lawyers have the knowledge required to advise businesses of all sizes. We have experience guiding shareholders and business owners in making informed business decisions.

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Why Choose Bhardwaj+Co

At Bhardwaj+Co, we focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients through reliability and honesty. Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, we have legal advisors you can trust to keep your business running smoothly with our sound legal services. Our firm will help you with several topics and issues aimed at optimizing your business output.

We can provide invaluable support to help you navigate legal complexities, aid you in resolving any disputes, facilitate strategic decisions, and more. Our expertise and knowledge will help give you the insight you need to make the best business decisions available.

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We have clients who stick with us through the lifetime of their businesses, regardless of size, because we produce results. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you minimize your risk and enhance your gains with your business. We will be there to help advise your legal path, so you can get back to focusing on what matters to you. Our corporate law and business law team is waiting to help.

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We deliver services to our clients in the following areas of Business Law:

  • Asset Sale
  • Share Sale
  • Incorporations
  • Annual Returns
  • Buying and Selling of a Business
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements
  • Lease Reviews for Landlords or Tenants
  • Corporate Amalgamations and/or Restructuring
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Business FAQs

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What is a Corporation vs. Incorporation?

A corporation is the legal entity of a registered business controlled through market shares and shareholders. Incorporation gives a business the legal powers of a person, allowing it to acquire assets, go into debt, sue or be sued, enter into contracts, and more. Many businesses choose to incorporate to protect personal assets and liability by separating the business from the owners.

This is because incorporating a business can help protect assets in the scenario where the business faces legal liabilities or financial challenges, shielding owners' personal finances.

What is a Corporate Amalgamation?

Corporate Amalgamation occurs when two or more predecessor corporations combine to form a single new successor corporation. This is different from acquisitions. In an acquisition, one of the companies will remain. In an amalgamation, when two or more companies form a new company, the former businesses no longer have a separate legal existence, and a new legal entity is formed.

How can a business lawyer help my small business?

A corporate lawyer’s role is to advise clients on their rights as small business owners. Our lawyers represent your company’s interests by ensuring the corporation complies with the law and assisting with decision-making.

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What is the difference between business law and corporate law?

Business law and corporate law are closely related to each other but are distinct areas of legal practice.

Business law involves a wide range of legal topics that deal with both commercial transactions and business operations. This includes things like contract law, employment law, tax law, and more. So, it deals with the legal aspects of operating and running your business, no matter the size or structure.

Corporate law, on the other hand, is pinpointed on the legal aspects that surround corporations. So, things like corporate structure, governance, shareholder rights, and duties of directors and officers.

So, corporate law deals with how a corporation forms and runs, while business law has a broader reach, looking at how the law affects the company or business.

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