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Employment Law For Employees

The employer – employee relationship is one which often features a significant power imbalance. Employers often have significantly more resources than employees, which can often lead to employees not having their rights and entitlements enforced. Our lawyers are ready to help you even the playing field and to assist you in knowing and enforcing your rights.


Termination and Wrongful Dismissal

Termination and Wrongful Dismissal: An employee that has been terminated by an employer may be entitled to significant obligations from his or her former employer. Important considerations arise when termination occurs, including the reasons for termination, the severance pay being offered by the employer is adequate, whether the employer has violated the employee’s rights or discriminated against the employee. In many situations, employers inform employees that they are being terminated with cause, when the employer may not have the appropriate cause to terminate the employee in this manner. Our lawyers can help you navigate the uncertainty many employees face after termination and can help you ensure that you are enforcing your rights and receiving what you are entitled to.


Severance or Pay-in-lieu of notice

Employees who are terminated by their employer may be entitled to significant pay-in-lieu of notice, also known as severance pay. Knowing the details of your severance entitlements is important, as a lack of knowledge can lead to significant amounts being left unclaimed or abandoned. Severance, in many cases, can also include more than just wages. Determining severance entitlements can be a complex and nuanced procedure. Our lawyers are ready to assist you in enforcing your severance entitlements today.


Current Employees and Employee Rights

Employees in Alberta have protected rights. Some examples of these rights include wage entitlements, overtime pay, vacation pay, sick leave, workplace injury rights, severance pay, and many others. To find out how these rights effect you and how you can enforce your rights contact one of our lawyers today.


Workplace harassment and bullying

Employees who feel that they are experiencing workplace harassment or feel as though they are working in a hostile work environment in many cases have options and remedies available to them. Workplace harassment takes many forms and can have significant effects on mental health and the ability of an employee to complete their work effectively. If you feel as though you may be experiencing workplace harassment we invite you to contact our lawyers today.


Constructive Dismissal

If you have recently resigned from your job or if you are considering resigning from your job, it can be very advantageous to speak to a lawyer. Employees can be put into positions where they feel as though they are being forced to resign or that their job or work environment has changed in a way that has caused them to want to resign. It is important for workers in these situations to know their rights.


Employee contracts and agreements

Are you looking to start a new job or enter into a new employment agreement? Are you uncertain of what your rights and obligations are in your current employment contract? Are you not sure what a specific clause means or if parts of your contract are enforceable ort legal? Our lawyers have reviewed many employment contracts and agreement and are ready to assist you in understanding yours.



In many situations workers who are designated or classified as contractors may still have rights that employees have. Contractors may in some situations even be entitled to severance. If you are a contractor who is currently employed or has recently lost their job, contact us today to know your rights and entitlements.


Humans rights and workplace discrimination

Workers in Alberta are protected against discriminatory practices. If you feel as though you have been discriminated against in the workplace contact us today to learn your rights. Our lawyers can assist in stopping discriminatory practices and assist in acquiring compensation for victims of discrimination.


Lay-offs, temporary lay-offs, and suspensions

Temporary lay-offs, lay-offs and suspensions can all effect employ rights, and can all lead to a violation of employee rights by employers



COVID-19 has effected the employment of countless people. If you have lost your employment, had your hours significantly reduced, had your job duties significantly changed, or have otherwise been effected in your work, call us to learn if your rights have been effected and what remedies may be available to you.


Private and Public Sector employees

Whether you work for a private company, the government, a small organization or a multinational corporation, our lawyers are ready and equipped to assist you.


Union Employees

Employees in a unionized environment may feel that they are not being properly represented by their union, or that their grievance is not being properly heard, or that they wish to appeal the results of a grievance. Contact us today to learn about your rights and options.


Federal or Canada-wide employees

In addition to employees based in Alberta, we also assist employees who work for the federal government, national and international companies, and those work out of province or in multiple provinces.


Employment Law For Employers

Navigating employment law and human resources decision making can be daunting and overwhelming. Our lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge towards assisting employers in creating effective workplace policies, making hiring, disciplinary and termination decisions, providing representation in litigation and negotiation, drafting employment agreements and contracts, providing staff training and more.


Termination and disciplinary matters

Terminating or disciplining an employee can be a stressful and uncertain decision, as the wrong decision can have significant consequences. Our lawyers have experience representing both employees and employers, which assists us in advising you and your business in these difficult and delicate matters.

Litigation and negotiation

Employers often face situations where resolution cannot be reach without legal assistance. Our lawyers are experienced and skilled in negotiations outside of court and in delivering stalwart representation in court.

Workplace Policies

Having effective workplace policies can prevent expensive and time-consuming issues and claims from arising in the first place. Large and small workplaces can all benefit from having proper workplace policies in place. Our lawyers can help tailor the appropriate set of workplace policies to meet your unique business.

Employment agreements and contracts

Ensure that the employment contracts your business is using are appropriate to achieve your desired results and accurately reflect your intentions. Our lawyers have significant experience drafting and reviewing a multitude of contracts.

Seminars and On-Site Training

Our firm offers seminars and training to meet the unique needs of your business. Ensure that your human resources and management staff are informed and knowledgeable about relevant and up-to-date legal information.

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