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Uncontested Divorce

If you and your partner agree on the terms of your separation you can opt for an uncontested divorce. We offer flat fee pricing for uncontested divorce matters because we can predict the time it will take to draft your pleadings and file for divorce. 


Contested Divorce

If you and your partner cannot decide on the terms of your seperation, you will need to resolve these issues either by way of mediation, negotiation or through court applications. Please contact us if your separation is not amicable. We have experience advocating on our clients behalf in the Provincial Court of Alberta and Court of Queen’s Bench. 

Separation Agreements

We can draft separation agreements and provide independent legal advice before you sign. It’s always import to ensure due dilligence and financial disclosure has been provided to you before you sign anything. 

Marriage Contracts

Considering getting married in Edmonton or Calgary? Not sure whether a marriage contract, or more commonly known as a “pre-nup” is right for you, we can discuss your options. Your rights change after marriage, even if you aren’t interested in a “pre-nup”, contact us for a 1 hour consultation to educate yourself on your rights. 

Cohabitation Agreements

Need an existing agreement between you and your common law partner? We can advise you on your rights and draft an agreement tailored to your specific needs.

Custody and Parenting Applications + Trials

Need to get parenting time or increase parenting time with your child or children? Contact us so we can effectively advocate your position in getting the time you deserve with them and you can go back to creating memories and everlasting bonds 

Mobility Applications (Moving with Children)

When you have children, relocation is a tough situation. It almost always requires litigation because one side will end up loosing a majority of their parenting time due to the relocation of one parent with the child(ren). We have dealt with relocation in the past and have advocated for both sides effectively. It is our goal to come to a resolution without the need to litigate in Court. However, due the nature of this issue, we are able, experienced and ready to advocate and advance your position in Court. 

Child Support + Spousal Support Applications

Child Support is a mandatory obligation regulated by the Government of Canada under the Federal Child Support Guidelines. If you are having trouble obtaining your child support payment from your ex-partner, please contact us so we can effectively enforce the obligation upon the other party. Spousal support is dependent on various factors that may be specific to your situation – please contact us so we can provide you with specific advice. 

Variation of Child Support + Spousal Support Orders

If there has been a material change in your circumstances that require you to vary your child support and or spousal support order then please contact so we can effectively take steps to help you. 

Emergency Protection + Restraining Orders

If you have been served with an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) or a Restraining Order please contact us immediately so we can quickly and effectively take steps to mitigate the situation. We have experience in varying and vacating EPO’s and Restraining Orders. Alternatively, if you feel endangered and require an EPO or Restraining Order then please contact us immediately so we can  

Shared Parenting Applications

If you are seeking a shared parenting plan with your child(ren) and are unable to effectively negotiate with your ex-partner, please contact us so we can assess your current parenting arrangement and create an effective plan that will lead to a higher likelihood of you obtaining shared parenting. 

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